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Dress to empower!

Powerful City is a brand new clothing line with an inspiring message. Dress to empower! We provide the style, so you can be yourself. With so many clothing brands out there influencing our perception of style and social acceptance, it was necessary to create a line which could spark positive thinking. Powerful City clothing reminds us to conquer self-doubt and channel our strong inner-selves.


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Send all inquiries to: powerfulpeoplepowerfulcity@gmail.com

The Designer

“ I grew up in the Washington, DC area and graduated from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. As an artist I dabble into many different forms of art, from fine art to music. In 2013 my team and I drafted the story line for a music video called Powerful City. It was originally just about this area and what it meant to us at the time. After designing a logo to go with the video, S2M got it printed on a shirt. To me it was just another design until I started getting the feedback about how much people loved the shirt and what it meant to them. I found out Powerful City wasn’t just a DC thing. Yes, the city itself is where we all gather to voice our needs, concerns, and opinions…but when we confidently express ourselves, that’s what empowers us to inspire others.”


Corey Turner

Also known as Matta Fact of S2M